Josh Reddick winch

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Throw in a case of Miller High Life and we'll call this a deal.

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Calm down, spaz.

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So long, gay boys!

Nacho Guy Alabama

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These nachos are made with real Lane Kiffin tears after Nick Saban berates him.

Jay Cutler smoking pilgrim

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Smokin' Jay Cutler, Thanksgiving Edition.

Lions fans Thanksgiving

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Upset of the year...unless they're father/daughter of the year.

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Still have a flip phone? Must be a stripper line.

Sixers Instagram Moving On

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I would think that a caption like, "shit" or "we suck...again" would be more suitable.

Bartolo Colon Kim Kardashian ass chin

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Brain matter just oozing out of my ears.

clayton kershaw posse

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Killing the Business Casual look.

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Mychal Kendricks's Sack Dance Game is on another level.

Carmelo Anthony hat

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It looks good on you though.

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The only thing more important then cheering for your team, is hating a team from New York.

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Breaking hearts, breaking legs.


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Just to be clear, he is not being critical of meteorologist

Bleacher Babes





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I now know the the average time it takes a human to pee.