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In the opening round of the World Golf Championships – Accenture Match Play Championship, Rory McIlroy tried to punch out from the desert at the par-4 15th hole but ended up hitting a nearby spectator who fell into a cactus.

McIlroy is no stranger to hitting fans, he once hit a fan with a drive at the 2012 British Open.

I don’t feel bad for this fan.  That ball was clearly in a tough spot, so standing within 5 feet of the ball is just plain stupid.  He’s lucky that those jumping cholla cactus didn’t end up on his face…or junk.

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One of the producers of The Golf Channel’s Big Break is a dick.

Let’s trot out 78 year-old golfing legend Chi-Chi Rodriguez and have him attempt to hit a golf ball through a pane of glass – swell idea, buddy.

At 78, Chi-Chi is probably just happy that he can swing a club let alone muster up the strength to hit a ball hard enough to break glass.

So what happens?  Ball hits the glass, without much force, and ricochets back at Chi-Chi and hits him right in the nuts.

Did I say that producer was a dick? I meant to say that producer is a genius.

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The Presidents Cup - Singles Matches


For once, the sports world was not subjected to a disgusting streaker at a sporting event.  During the final day at the 2013 President’s Cup, a topless female fan with tiny pasties covering her nipples and skimpy red underwear sprinted through the 18th hole.

Some Internet rumors claim that the streak was able to get away but other sites claim she was covered up and escorted off the premises.

The lady was apparently yelling “Streaking for Stricker” in reference to American golfer Steve Stricker who was coming up the 18th hole in competition with Ernie Els.  It didn’t help Stricker as he lost the match play event, 1 down.

Click through this gallery to view some NSFW pictures.

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Tiger Woods was penalized 2 strokes after his ball moved while he was removing loose impediment in the woods on the 1st hole during the 2nd round of the 2013 BMW Championship.

The interesting part about the penalty is that it was assessed after someone reported the infraction and Woods was not aware of it until he completed his round.  Here is the twist, no one in Tiger’s group saw the infraction and it was not broadcast on television.  I would assume that it must have been a member of the television production team that reported the penalty.  Don’t they know that when Tiger is in contention that ratings are better?  Dumb.

This all falls under USGA rule 18-2.

the player, his partner or either of their caddies:

• lifts or moves the ball,
• touches it purposely (except with a club in the act of addressing the ball), or
• causes the ball to move, or

Breaking this rule is a 1 stroke penalty but requires the ball to be replaced, which is why Woods was hit with another stroke.

You may remember that a television viewer reported a rules violation during this year’s Masters after Tiger took an improper drop.

The ball barely moved and I actually had to watch the video a second time to see it slightly dip down.  If Tiger had Will Smith as a caddie that second stroke penalty would’ve never happened.  Just saying.

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The golf world has been buzzing since Jason Dufner won his first major golf championship on Sunday at the 2013 PGA Championship.

Dufner slapped his wife’s ass after celebrating on the 18th green, he was seen with a tin of tobacco dip, and of course the unstunning physique looks more like a professional bowler than a golfer.

Dufner Tweeted this picture of the PGA trophy secured in a car seat with a seatbelt.

Jason Dufner just winning the life game right now.

Jason Dufner slaps wife's ass

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If you saw any of the players start their 3rd round of the British Open on Saturday morning, then you probably had the enjoyment of hearing their names announced by Ivor Robson.  Robson has been the 1st tee starter at the British Open for almost 40 years and has a comical high-pitch inflection when he announces the names of the players.

Enjoy a montage of his work above.

Robson’s job duties include much more than just announcing the players’ names.  As the starter he checks the circumference of the golf ball and whether it is sanctioned for play; the number of clubs in each player’s bag; and that they are not late (Robson starts his stopwatch—it’s two shots for tardiness but disqualification if a player is more than five minutes late).

Robson is almost famous for not eating, drinking, or going to the bathroom during his daily 10 hour job.

That makes me wonder if this look is more pain and discomfort as oppose to general European smugness.

British Open Starter Announcer

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There is still a zero percent chance that I will watch the European Tour but this is one of the best promotional golf videos you will ever see.

Rory McIlroy faced off against a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine at PGA National Resort & Spa, Florida.  The challenge was to see who could hit golf balls into the opening of washing machines at various distances.  The concept was taken from when McIlroy was on the Gerry Kelly Show out of Ireland in 1999 and chipped a golf ball into a washing machine in front of a studio audience.

The machine talks trash to Rory throughout the competition, even at one point saying “Tiger Woods would’ve been home with his feet up by now.”  That line caused McIlroy to get bleeped by the censors.  The machine also goofs on McIlroy for trying to pulls its power lever, which the machine infers to be his “privates.”

Definitely worth the watch.


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Justin Rose is your 2013 US Open golf champion.  His +1 performance at Merion Golf Club was good enough for a 2 stroke victory over Phil Mickelson and Jason Day.

Rose’s victory celebration took place in the clubhouse as he watched Mickelson fail to chip in from about 50 yards away.  There was one issue with the celebration. No, it wasn’t a terrible high-five like Tiger Woods, NBC had some technical difficulties which caused the famous peacock logo to overlay the celebratory hugs.

At least it wasn’t the most emotional moment of the tournament…oh, wait.

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Golfer Miguel Angel Jimenez is a pretty eccentric guy. The 49 year-old Spanish golfer sports a ponytail and is rarely seen without a cigar.  He also has a pretty odd way of warming up for a round of golf.  His routine has been featured on golf broadcasts in the past but in this video from Golf Monthly, Jimenez explains his routine.

I thought I was going to be bored by this video but between the Spanish accent and the cigar in his hand as he starts his routine – I was completely mesmerized.

“Then we gonna make the little dancing move.”  Classic Jimenez.

Source: [Devil Ball Golf]

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78 PGA Tour victories, still sucks at winning.

At what point will Tiger Woods come up with a celebration game plan?  Woods officially won the 2013 Players Championship while sitting in the clubhouse after he watched David Lingmerth miss a birdie putt attempt on the 18th green.  The camera captured the moment Tiger realized he won the championship and every second after was just cringe-worthy.

Tiger gets up from his chair and starts to walk towards caddy Joe LaCava, who’s hand is outstretched to congratulate Woods.
Woods ignores the possibility of a handshake and goes straight for a hug.
Woods shoves LaCava in the chest while yelling, “how about that, huh?”
Woods than quickly raises his fist for the Obama-pump but LaCava doesn’t return the favor and instead slaps his fist.
LaCava proceeds to shove Woods into the next room.


I’ve been tracking Tiger’s terrible golf celebrations for a while now and you can check out one of my early episodes of Ride The Pine from 2010 that breaks down some of his worst.

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Well, I could’ve done that.

In 3rd round action at the 2013 Players Championship, Lee Westwood attempted a shot on the edge of the grass with his back pressed up against a tree.  Westwood did something, I don’t remember seeing a professional golfer do – he whiffed.

On the replay, you can see his club hit the tree on the downswing which caused him to swing over top of the golf ball.

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Oakland University Golfer 2 Holes-In-One

Oakland University rising Senior Kassandra Komma did something completely unthinkable.  She recorded TWO holes-in-one in one round at the school’s golf course, R&S Sharf Golf Course.

I’ve never heard of two holes-in-one…well, uh, at least not on a golf course.

Komma hit her first-ever hole-in-one on No. 3, a 177-yard Par 3.  She then hit another ace on the very next par 3, the 108 yards 7th hole.

Komma ended up with a 3-under-par 69 for the round.

This season Komma finished the year sixth in the Summit League in scoring and earned All-Summit League second team accolades for Oakland University [in Michigan].

Source: [CBS Detroit]

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Going into the Par 5 15th hole at the 2013 Masters, Tiger Woods was tied for the lead at -5.  But all that changed when he was the victim of one of the unluckiest bounces in Masters history.  On Woods’ 3rd shot, he hit the flag pole but the ball ricocheted back into the water hazard.

The announcer even commented after Woods hit the shot that he, “struck it beautifully.”  Unfortunately, it didn’t land beautifully.

After taking a drop, Woods managed to escape with only a bogey.

Somewhere Elin is smiling.