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Moose vs Goose Christmas Sweater

During Sunday’s pre-Christmas Eve matchup between the Dallas Cowboys and New Orleans Saints, Fox NFL analysts Tony Siragusa and Daryl “Moose” Johnston decided to wear ugly Christmas sweaters.  We want to know who were the ugliest?  I’m pick Johnston just because he wore a tight sweater as a reason to showoff those pecs.

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/which-nfl-fox-analyst-wore-the-uglier-sweater/question-3413915/" title="Which NFL Fox Analyst Wore The Uglier Sweater?">Which NFL Fox Analyst Wore The Uglier Sweater?</a>

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There was some great sports related Halloween costumes this year and we need your help deciding on who WON Halloween.

 Selection 1: The Rock as The Incredible Hulk

The Rock Halloween as Incredible Hulk

 I couldn’t vote for The Rock on this one.  Dude already looks like the Incredible Hulk he just added green paint and a wig.

 Selection 2: US Soccer’s Alex Morgan and Sydney Leroux as US Gymnasts.

Genius idea.  Love the “not impressed” face!

Josh Sundquist as Leg Lamp

Halloween Baby Ditka


<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/which-athlete-won-halloween/question-3290627/" title="Which Athlete Won Halloween?">Which Athlete Won Halloween?</a>

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Lolo Jones Bobsled

Olympic Hurdler Lolo Jones recently made the cut and became one of the 24 women selected to the U.S. bobsled team.  This now gives her the chance to compete for a spot on the World Cup circuit this winter and potentially represent her country at the 2014 Sochi Games.

More importantly, we want to know which version of Lolo Jones do you find to be hotter.  The Hurdler, with cut abs and skimpy outfit or The Bobsleder with a skin-tight suit, helmet and less sweat.

Vote below and leave a comment in the section below.

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Ryan Howard And Fiancee Wedding Registry

Philly.com writer Dan Gross’ article about Philadelphia Phillies slugger Ryan Howard fiancee Krystle Campbell’s upcoming appearance on TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress has sparked some conversation in the Ride The Pine headquarters for something that was briefly mentioned.  The article makes reference to the couple’s wedding registry at Macy’s, where the requests range from Swarovski crystal toasting flutes to 13-inch washcloths.

Is it appropriate for professional athletes to have a wedding registry? Especially really successful ones.  Ryan Howard is scheduled to make $20 million this year and around $115 million over the next five years.

It looks bad that a multi-millionaire is asking for $10 wash clothes from his guests.  I know that sometimes celebrities will either decline gifts or ask that donations are made to the couples’ favorite charity.  Although I also understand how Campbell, a teacher and former Philadelphia Eagles cheerleader, has probably always dreamed about putting together a wedding registry and most likely reality has yet to sink in that money is no longer an issue for her once that marriage certificate is signed.

What do you think?

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I don’t know if there’s a reasonable explanation why the umpiring has been terrible during the first half of the 2012 MLB season but one thing is for certain – it stinks!

We want you to help us decide, what has been the worst umpire call of the 2012 season thus far?

Dewayne Wise’s (non)Catch

This one is definitely the freshest in our minds and every time I watch the video and see the clear angle that umpire Mike DiMuro had on the non(catch) that New York Yankee outfielder Dewayne Wise pretended to make, I don’t understand how he missed it. (This is my vote)

Tim Welke’s Giant Area Call

I understand that umpire Tim Welke was in a bad position to see Todd Helton’s foot in relation to the bag but a good rule of thumb would be to assume that a player is away from the base when you can almost shake their hand.

The Strikeout featuring/No Strikes

5 pitches. 1 of them MAY be a strike.  Hey, its the bottom of the 9th and an Irish Boston Bar is waiting…

Your turn to decide. Pick the worst umpire call of the year below and leave us a comment telling us why.

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I’m starting to think it’s me.  Maybe I’m emotionally detached from my mother?  Maybe I’m the crazy one but its bizarre to watch the new generation of NBA stars kiss their mothers ON THE LIPS during games.

I’ve been ripping into Miami Heat’s Lebron James for repeatedly kissing his mom on the lips in Game 1 against the Boston Celtics and in Game 5 too but at least by Game 7 he had stopped.

Now watching this morning’s SportsCenter they showed OKC Thunder’s Kevin Durant kissing his mom ON THE LIPS after victories as she sits court side (I wonder if those are the two seats he offered to Lil Wayne?).

Kevin Durant Kissing Mom On Lips

I don’t kiss my mother on the lips, its all cheek. Vote below and help me understand.

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The biggest game of the 2012 NBA Playoffs is just hours away as the Miami Heat and Boston Celtics do battle in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals and a spot in the NBA Finals.

The game is going to be intense but the post game press conference fashion battle will be way more intenser (FU grammar).

My question to you, who will look stupider in the Game 7 post-game press conference?

Boston Celtics, feat/Rajon Rondo

Rajon Rondo Terrible Jacket

Miami Heat, feat/Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade with lensless glasses

I expect the post game to break all kinds of records on stupidity.

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The style of the NBA players in the post game press conference has been as talked about as the actually play on the court in the 2012 Playoffs and with all of the crazy shirts and jackets the common denominator has been the big black-rimmed glasses (with or without lens).

We ask all of you, who looks the dumbest?

Lebron James after Game 6 against the Boston Celtics

Lebron James Game 6 Post Game Press Conference

Dwyane Wade After Game 5 against the Boston Celtics

Dwyane Wade with lensless glasses

Russell Westbrook Rocking the Red-Rimmed Glasses

Russell Westbrook Hooks Shirt

Remember, they all look really dumb but vote on who looks the dumbest! I removed Kevin Durant from this list because he at least as a prescription.

<a href="http://www.sodahead.com/entertainment/which-basketball-player-looks-the-dumbest-with-glasses/question-2712139/" title="Which Basketball Player Looks The Dumbest With Glasses">Which Basketball Player Looks The Dumbest With Glasses</a>

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After the recent images of Hayden Panettiere playing tennis in a bikini, it got us doing some research about other hot celebrities who have played tennis in their bathing suits.

Lets take a quick look at Panettiere who was vacationing in Hawaii with New York Jets (practice squad) wide receiver Scotty McKnight.

Back in 2009 Jennifer Love Hewitt was not only rocking a bikini playing tennis but some platform shoes too!

Finally, supermodel Bar Refaeli was playing tennis in her underwear promoting her new line of clothing.

Vote below on who you think is the hottest celebrity playing tennis in their bikini and tells why in the comment section.

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From ESPN.com

Free-agent quarterback Donovan McNabb had a one-word reply when asked recently if he believes he should be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame — “Absolutely.”

“See, one thing that people don’t realize — I never played the game to make it to the Hall of Fame. I played the game because I love it,” McNabb, a 13-year veteran, told Fox Sports. “I played the game to win. I’m a competitor. When I step out on the field, I feel like I’m the best player on the field.”

McNabb has yet to find a job since being waived last season by Minnesota after a 1-5 start. McNabb spent the 2010 season with the Washington Redskins, where he was benched twice. The team finished 6-10, and McNabb later said that coach Mike Shanahan “misused” him.

“Even these last two years, when people may look at it and say, ‘Oh, he’s done, or whatever.’ I’m 34, 35 years old, but still, I played at the pinnacle, I played at the highest level of my career. I played there,” McNabb told Fox Sports. “And I would vote for myself for the Hall of Fame.”

McNabb, who turned 35 in November, has not won a Super Bowl ring and says fans don’t look at him as a Hall of Fame-caliber player for that reason.

Peyton (Manning) never won the big game until he won the Super Bowl finally. Dan Marino never won the big game. But does that mean his career is a failure? No. Not at all,” McNabb told Fox Sports. “When you sit and look at the numbers — and that’s what it is when it comes to the Hall of Fame — my numbers are better than Jim Kelly, better than Troy Aikman, better than a lot of guys in the Hall of Fame, but the one thing they do have is a Super Bowl.”

In 167 career games, McNabb has completed 59 percent of his 5,374 pass attempts for 37,276 yards and 234 touchdowns. By comparison, Aikman threw for 32,942 yards and 165 TDs but won three Super Bowl rings.

Kelly, who played in four Super Bowls but won none, has career numbers that closely align with McNabb’s — 35,467 yards passing and 237 touchdowns.

McNabb is one of those borderline guys who will probably get into the Hall of Fame but really doesn’t deserve it.  That fact that at age 33 his career was really over by the time he left Philly, than one bad year in Washington and one awful year in Minnesota and now no one will touch this guy at 35.  These should all be signs that maybe you are NOT a Hall of Fame quarterback, Donovan.

His best years in Philly saw 5 NFC championship games and 1 Super Bowl appearance but the signature Donovan McNabb moment is him hyperventilating/vomiting in one of the last drives in his only Super Bowl appearance.

As some one who watched him for years, its hard to envision someone who would constantly throw bad/off-target passes (especially into the ground) can be considered a Hall of Famer.

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Ben and Jerry's Lin-Sanity Flavor

This whole Linsanity craziness just gets more out of hand every day.

The newest backlash is from Ben & Jerry’s Boston location based in Cambridge (the home of Harvard, Lin’s alma mater). They created an ice cream flavor called Lin-Sanity that features vanilla frozen yogurt w/Lychee (fruit native to China and Southeast Asia) Honey Swirls and wait for it…fortune cookie pieces.

The flavor has been out for over a week but the anger just started a few days ago. Ben and Jerry’s was force to change from fortune cookies to waffle cones.

Vote in our poll below and tell us if this flavor offends you.

Hey, at least they used vanilla frozen yogurt instead of the cream of sumyungguy. Zing!

Source: [@BenJerryBoston]

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This past week in the NBA has been a tough one for the big men.

It started with Charlotte Bobcats Center DeSagana Diop shooting an ugly air ball free throw, which might be the worst free throw ever taken in the history of basketball.

Not to be outdone, Oklahoma City Center Kendrick Perkins thought he could block a Blake Griffin dunk and ends up getting embarrassed in what many are calling the best dunk of the year.

Vote Now and tell us what was the worst thing to happen to an NBA player this week?  Its a tough call.  I was leaning towards the Diop free throw as being more embarrassing, but I think the Griffin dunk on Perkins will have a longer lasting effect in the highlight world.

Vote Now and explain your selection in the comment section below!

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CBS NFL Post Game Show Tebowing

After the Denver Broncos dramatic overtime win over the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wildcard Round of the 2012 NFL Playoffs, the hosts of NFL Post Game Show on CBS paid homage to Tim Tebow by Tebowing together on the set.

When I first took this picture, I thought their Tebowing was really lame.  Mostly because I can’t stand the CBS coverage of the NFL.  I don’t think you could put together a more marbled-mouth crew (sans James Brown) who struggle to speak the English language.

But after a good night’s rest, I’ve turned a corner and now think their Tebowing was pretty cool.

I’m confused.

Help me decided in the poll below if you thought their Tebowing was Cool or Lame?  Please tell us your reasoning in the comment section below.

Is The Crew of the CBS NFL Post Game Show Tebowing…

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Our friends over at Reddit pointed out something that most non-Sports Illustrated subscribers probably never knew, you can opt-out of the annual Swimsuit edition.

Why in the hell would anyone do that?

It’s becoming more rare that people actually subscribe to magazines and newspapers, but if you ACTUALLY subscribe to Sports Illustrated is there an edition that you are looking more forward to than the Swimsuit edition.

I’m sure the College Football preview is riveting, but seriously?

Shit, I begged my mom to let me subscribe to Sports Illustrated so I could have a reason to get a magazine with bikini-clad ladies safely into my home.

Vote in the poll above and leave a comment in the section below.


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Christmas 2011 will be one of the most exciting sports weekends in recent memory.  The NFL will be in Week 16 action with a lot of games having major playoff ramifications but the NBA will be opening its season after a long lockout with three exciting games!!

Which one are you more excited for?

Vote above and tell us why in the comment section below!