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When I think of Go Daddy deals, there is not a better one this  - Go Daddy Deal of the Week: $2.95 .Com. Offer expires 11/20/12.  

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: $2.95 .Com. Offer expires 11/20/12

It only takes $2.95 to take that idea and get it on the web.  It only takes $2.95 to start the process of getting your business the web presence it needs.  Don’t miss out on this great deal

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Its time to unveil Go Daddy’s Deal of the Week

  30% off your order at GoDaddy.com! Offer expires 11/6/12

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 30% off your order at GoDaddy.com! Offer expires 11/6/12

All you have to do is click on the banner above and the Go Daddy coupon will be automatically applied to your order.

Did you just find this page after 11/6/12?

Don’t worry!!!  The banner will ALWAYS show the most current Go Daddy discount so saving money will never be expired!!

Of course, you can check out all of the great Coupons that we offer on the Ride The Pine Coupon page.

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Tell Your story. Share Your Strength. $2.95 .COM from GoDaddy.com

A few weeks ago, we joined up with Go Daddy to provide the fans of Ride The Pine with some of their BEST deals.  To be truthful, you will not find a better deal than this if you are looking to buy a new domain name.  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, Go Daddy is offering the first year of a new domain name for just $2.95.  That is an insane deal…even for Go Daddy.

All you have to do is click on the banner above and the coupon will be automatically applied to your shopping cart!

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Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 22% off your order at GoDaddy.com! Offer expires 10/23/12

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We have decided to recently change the way we work with our affiliate on RideThePine.com and only specific promote the ones that we use.  We are happy to announce that we have partnered with Go Daddy to be able to offer you the absolute best discounts on Go Daddy Domains, their best Go Daddy hosting packages, and other great Go Daddy online services.

Go Daddy Deal of the Week: 25% off your first order at GoDaddy.com! Offer expires 10/9/12

You will be able to constantly get the most updated Go Daddy Deal of the Week at our new Go Daddy Coupons page.  If you click the banner above the Go Daddy coupon will automatically be added to your shopping experience.

Questions: Why are we doing this

Answer: Duh, Money!

Let’s get real for a second.  I spend a tremendous amount of hours putting together this website.  I’m not looking for sympathy because I love doing this.  This dumb website has continued to grow every year and its because of your support coming back every day to see what terrible jokes we will come up with!  One day, I would love to have a studio for our Ride The Pine video show and be able to produce a daily show as oppose to a weekly show.  I would love to have [paid] writers that can provide you with the best sports content.  I would love to have a network of shows that can just make your day a little more enjoyable.  Unfortunatly, I can’t do any of that without generating some real income.  This isn’t me selling out [maybe a little] but I’ve been using Go Daddy for over 5 years as my main domain provider and up to about a year ago, I used them as my hosting provider for their great value shared hosting plans [and only left because I couldn't figure out Dedicated and Virtual Dedicated Servers].  I now started using another company [for a much higher price] that we have offers for too that does everything. 

When you click on a Go Daddy banner on RideThePine.com it automatically loads the offer that you clicked on and when you purchase something at that time, you support us.

Thank you.

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You’ve probably watched my shows on Ride The Pine and been like, “damn Alex looks good!”  I agree with you and that is mostly in part to the great shirts from Original Retro Brand.

Now I have an opportunity for you to win a $5o gift card to Original Retro if you participate in their “What’s Your College Knowledge” contest.  Their blogger/Social Media guru, Andy, picks 5 College Basketball games on Monday or Tuesday and if you pick more winners than Andy you CAN WIN!

For all the details on how you can enter, check out the Original Retro Brand Blog.

If you listened to me last week, you would’ve been smart, because I went 5-0 on all five picks and you could’ve won a $50 gift card.  This contest is so easy – listen to me, post your picks, win gift card. Boom!



ALEX – GAME 1:  # 19 Louisville (22-7) @ # 2 Syracuse (29-1)I really want to pick Louisville.  ’Cuse is probably the most talented team in the country and at this point my favorite to win it all but this just reeks of an upset.  Louisville has been playing below their potential and Syracuse could look past them.  I would pick Louisville if they were at home. ‘Cuse wins.

ANDY: It hurts to have to agree with you right out of the gate, but I agree.  And I hurt.  It won’t even be close.  ORANGE – 80, CARDINALS – 56.

ALEX – GAME 2:  # 6 North Carolina (25-4) @ # 4 DUKE (25-4)Greatest Rivalry in College Basketball.  Duke’s buzzer beater win in their last match-up was just amazing and theCameron Crazies will be in rare form.  I wonder where Eric Montross will be watching the game? Do you think Coach K recruited Cherokee Parks because he just looked likeChristian Laettner?  Some many questions!  Duke wins.

ANDY: Who gives a flip about where Eric Montross will be watching the game?  Dooky has proved vulnerable at cozy Cameron, including a loss to so-so Miami, and a lucky to walk away with a W Saturday against a so-so-bad Virginia Tech in OT.  UNC gets their revenge!  TAR HEELS – 66, BLUE DEVILS – 64.

ALEX – GAME 3:  # 11 Georgetown (21-6)# 8 Marquette (24-5)Marquette has no shot in this game.  NONE.  But Marquette’s head coach Buzz Williams showed HUGE cojones by dancing the country two-step toJohn Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Road” (http://www.ridethepine.com/sports/college-sports/buzz-williams-west-virginia-dance/ ) after upsetting West Virginia on their court.  And for that, they get my pick.

ANDY: No shot?  Really?  They hung with the ‘Cuse, and nearly took out G-Town when they first met back in early January.  Oh wait, you’re picking Marquette to win because of a dumb dance by the coach.  Well I’m going with the season sweep for the Hoyas because their Coachs’ father used to bite his towel!  HOYAS – 75, GOLDEN EAGLES – 70.

ALEX – GAME 4:  Washington (20-8) UCLA (16-13)When most people think of UCLA, they remember names like Wooden, Walton, 

Alcindor, etc.  When I think of UCLA, I think of the O’Bannon brothers.  I don’t remember which brother was better, but I always thought they would make a great WWF tag team because they could pull the old switch-a-roo.  Anyway, is Washington even good?  I can’t remember seeing one highlight or reading one article about them but I do spend about 99% of my time online looking at naughty websites. UCLA.

ANDY: Wooden & naughty websites in the same paragraph is simply sacrilegious, and I’m pulling a switch-a-roo on you.  Yes, the Huskies are good – they got 2 votes in the ESPN/USA today poll! HUSKIES – 67, BRUINS – 65.

ALEX – GAME 5:  Vanderbilt (20-9) @ Tennessee (16-13)I just found out Bruce Pearl is not the head coach of Tennessee.  That stinks.  When your girls team can beat your boys team, that probably isn’t a good thing.  Vandy.

ANDY: Bruce Pearl isn’t the coach?  The Vols boys team has won 6 of their last 7 including a huge road win against the # 7 ranked Gators.  Smokey and gang avenge early season loss at Good Ol’ Rocky Top.  VOLUNTEERS – 78, COMMODORES – 74.


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You’ve probably watched my shows on Ride The Pine and been like, “damn Alex looks good!”  I agree with you and that is mostly in part to the great shirts from Original Retro Brand.

Now I have an opportunity for you to win a $5o gift card to Original Retro if you participate in their “What’s Your College Knowledge” contest.  Their blogger/Social Media guru, Andy, picks 5 College Basketball games on Monday or Tuesday and if you pick more winners than Andy you CAN WIN!

For all the details on how you can enter, check out the Original Retro Brand Blog.

But “the kid” wouldn’t hang you out to dry. (I’m “the kid” in this scenario)  I give you my opinion and commentary on who I think the winners will be as you try to beat Andy.



ALEX  – GAME 1: 2/23 – # 5 DUKE (23-4) @# 15 Florida State (19-7)I hate Duke. HATE!I’ll never forgive them for ruining my childhood when they beat UNLV and stopped their back-to-back undefeated run.  I’ll never forgive them for ruining the Fab Five’s hopes and dreams as Freshmen.  But Duke is hot after that buzzer-beater win over UNC and looking for payback.  As much as it pains me, Duke wins (I just threw up in my mouth).

ANDY: How’s that taste sir?  The Noles have the Dukey’s (Dooky’s ?) number – Beat ‘em last year on their home court and will do it again. Pitchfork-smitchfork – Fear the Spear! SEMINOLES – 64, BLUE DEVILS – 61.

ALEX – GAME 2:  2/23 – # 17 Louisville (21-6) @ Cincinnati (19-8)Every game that Louisville plays, I hold out hope that Rick Pitino will rock that all-white suit again.  The only thing that could top that is an all-red suit. Wait, what are we talking about again?  Oh yeah, basketball.  Louisville struggled against DePaul just a few days ago and the Bearcats are rolling, fighting for a spot in the dance.  Cincy wins in a Nick Van Exel upset special.

ANDY: Your pick just isn’t “suit-able”  Get it?  Pitino’s suits?  Ok, that’s beside the point.  You forget the Cardinals lost that DePaul game in OT, and had nearly beat # 2 Syracuse the game before losing by just one point.  CARDINALS – 70, BEARCATS -65.

ALEX – GAME 3:  2/23 – Brigham Young (11-3) @ Gonzaga (11-3):  Shawn Bradley is the highest draft pick to come out of either of these schools.  Sad.  Gonzaga has had a long history of great players, but the first thing that pops into my mind when I hear Gonzaga is Dan Dickau’s wife.  Google her.  Top 10 hottest basketball wives ever.  How do you cheer against that?  Zags.

ANDY: Googled.  I can’t argue with your top 10 assessment which is indisputable, but I’m still picking the Cougs.  Rookie WCC member makes statement that they’re the new # 1 in town. COUGARS – 64BULLDOGS – 58

ALEX – GAME 4:  2/25 – # 3 Missouri (25-2) @ # 4 Kansas (22-5)I didn’t miss a second of Mizzou’s win over Kansas earlier in the season.  One of the best games of the year.  This is a bitter rivalry that potentially could

be coming to an end with Mizzou leaving to go to theSEC which has angered Kansas.  Like never play again, ever, angry.  I can’t imagine Kansas losing this game at home.  Too much pride. Kansas.

ANDY: Oh the pain.  That is for Missouri when they play SEC football.  AND for the beatdown they’ll take at Allen Fieldhouse.  AND for me agreeing with you on a pick. JAYHAWKS – 78, TIGERS – 65.

ALEX – GAME 5:  2/27 – # 20 Notre Dame (19-8) @ # 9 Georgetown (20-5)I wonder how many matching tie/highlighters that former Notre Dame head coach Digger Phelps owns?  Anyway, this is going to be the game of the week.  The Hoyas have a great defense and Notre Dame just overcame a twenty point deficit against Villanova.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this game goes into OT.  Georgetown wins because I have an East coast bias.

ANDY: Forget your East Coast bias – what’s with your suit and tie fetish?  Stick withOriginal Retro Brand shirts buddy!  The only Bulldogs I like come from Georgia and that’s that.  FIGHTING IRISH – 64, HOYAS – 60.



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8624893-19373914Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow has taken the sports world by storm.  He is without a doubt the most divisive player in the history of the NFL.  We did a story a few weeks ago about the Tebowing and “Greater Than” >Tebow phenomenon that had taken off on the internet.  The passion that Tebow inspires among fans gave us a great idea to try to and capitalize and monetize help the sports world show how they truly feel about Tim Tebow.

If you check out the RideThePine.com shop through Spreadshirt, you will see TWO brand new logos available in many different clothing options including hoodies, long and short sleeve and women’s shirts.

Are you “Greater Than” Tebow like Alex, who rocked the >Tebow shirt in 2011 Turkey Awards episode of Ride The Pine or are you “Less Than” Tebow and bow down to all things Tebow.

Pick your side and buy a shirt now from the RideThePine.com shop through Spreadshirt



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Let me start this article by stating that I’m a paid affiliate of 4inkjets.com.

Use our 4inkjets coupons to save money on all of your printing needs.

Click here to apply 4inkjets coupon code – RIDE – Save 10%

4inkjets has been a sponsor of mine for a few months and I was finally able to use their services for my home office printer. In the past I’ve always just going to big box retailers or through Canon’s website for replacement inkjet 4inkjets Packagecartridges for my PIXMA MP620.

Before I partnered with 4inkjets, I did research on their service.  The couple of things that stood out to me more price, quality, and customer satisfaction.  Their compatible brand cartridges are significantly cheaper than buying the name brands.  Plus, for the past SEVEN years 4inkjets has been in the BizRate Circle of Excellence.  That means that customers have being EXTREMELY satisfied with their service.  Finally, 4inkjets stands behind their products offering a full year satisfaction guarantee for almost all of their products.

The picture to the right is the shipping box that my cartridges came in.  I got the bulk back so that I could get the free shipping offer on orders of $50 or more!

To me the ultimate test on the quality of an inkjet cartridge is how it performs right out of the box.  I didn’t “align” or “perform cleaning” on the new cartridges, I put them right to work.  Guess what?  Perfect printing!  No smudges, no imperfections!!

Do Not be ripped off on printer ink at the big box stores, now is the time to visit 4inkets.com.  4inkjets is THE best place to buy all of your replacement ink cartridges at a reasonable price.  Now, get even more of a discount when you use promo code RIDE at checkout.  Pick out the ink that matches your printer and when you get to the checkout page, type in RIDE and click “Apply Coupon” to get 10% off your order.  If your order is $50 or more, you also get Free Shipping.  Just click here to save 10% off your ink & toner at 4inkjets.

All of our great offers come from our affiliation with Mevio and you can get up to the minute deals from brands likes Footlocker, Eastbay, Footaction, Champs Sports, Zazzle, IX Web Hosting, Angie’s List and more at Ride The Pine on Mevio Coupons.

I hope you all get to enjoy these great savings at 4inkjets and feel free to e-mail me or comment below to talk about your experience using these savings.

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Now is your chance to WIN a $25 gift card to Eastbay.com!

Here is how you play!  Download the sheet above by clicking on the image (its a PDF file).  Fill out the form and send it to what@ridethepine.com by 11:59:59am EST on Sunday February 6th, 2011 (Super Bowl Sunday).  The person with the most correct answers will win the $25 gift card to Eastbay.com.  There will be only ONE winner!  Good Luck!

Click here for full terms and conditions

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Tim Tebow Denver Broncos Jersey Sale

The hottest selling jersey of the 2010 NFL Preseason has been Tim Tebow’s #15 Denver Broncos jersey.  Tebow made his debut last night against the Cincinnati Bengals and scored a rushing touchdown in the final seconds by running over the Bengals safety.

NOW, Ride The Pine has an exclusive offer just for your! Save 10% on Tim Tebow’s Broncos jersey or any NFL jersey when you go to Footlocker.com and apply coupon code “AFALEXFL“.

But the savings don’t end there…because save 10% on purchases (no minimum purchase!) of athletic shoes, basketball shoes, apparel, and more. Choose from the incredible selection of styles and brands available at Footlocker.com!

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