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If you’re a perverted sports blogger (don’t judge me), you’ve probably been waiting for this new Carl’s Jr. add featuring former Miss Alabama and star of last year’s College Football Championship game, Katherine Webb.

If you forget, Webb took the world by storm when announcer Brent Musburger lost his mind at the sight of Webb in the stands, who was supporting boyfriend and Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron.

Since than Webb starred in ABC reality Splash and has been featured in magazine covers everywhere.

If I have one critique of this ad, the opening few seconds when Webb is in the stands is really awkward.

Katherine Webb Carl's Jr add

Plus, Webb looked way hotter when the Musburger moment actually happened at the BCS Championship than in this remake for the commercial.  Can’t let that happen Carl.

Although Webb won me over with this tongue twirl move on the chunky blue cheese.

Katherine Webb eating Blue Cheese


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Miley Cyrus Michael Jordan jersey

This chick plays more mind games than any girl ever.

The internet was crushing Miley Cyrus yesterday for tongue wagging her face off, humping a foam finger, and twerking on Robin Thicke’s striped crotch at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.

How does she respond? By trolling the internet and making a bra and panties out of the jersey of the most famous tongue wagger in history – Michael Jordan.

Fantastic look here. Hair looks better than her puffs on Sunday night and ass cheeks are secured INSIDE of this outfit.

Miley Cyrus, win.

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The UFC ring girls are just taking this hotness thing to a whole new level.

Brittney Palmer post this video on her Instagram account of her and fellow UFC babe Arianny Celeste enjoying pizza and Sour Patch candy after UFC Fight Night in Boston.

New porn fetish/website idea – hot chicks eating pizza.  They could roll around on a bed made of thin crust pizza and rub that orange greasy shit all over themselves…things just got weird.

The girls are obviously blowing off some steam after spending the week wearing skimpy outfits like this.

Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste Fight Night Boston

[The wife doesn't normally scroll down this far...]  I would love to slip them the pepperoni.

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Paulina Gretzky Engaged

After dating for under one year, Paulina Gretzky and PGA golfer Dustin Johnson got engaged Saturday night. The couple posted about their announcement on social media with pictures of the gigantic ring.

Gretzky was last spotted at the PGA Championship snapping pictures with many fans in the gallery . She looked amazing in a wife-beater as she watched Johnson finish in 8th place.

This is potentially a very sad day here at RideThePine.com. We first started getting national attention with our coverage of Paulina Gretzky and her partying ways that she posted about on social media. We have no idea how this engagement will change the way Gretzky shares her bikini-filled life on the internet. However, we will look forward to the impending break-up in 1-2 years when the revenge/ex slutty factor gets taken to a whole new level.

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Paulina Gretzky wife-beater PGA Championship

Paulina Gretzky was walking the Oak Hill Country Club on Sunday watching boyfriend Dustin Johnson compete for the PGA Championship. Johnson ended his major bid in a tie for 8th place but the fans watching Johnson were the big winners as they were able to snap photographs with Gretzky.

Our friends at Busted Coverage first uncovered a photo of Paulina Gretzky walking the course on Sunday and we investigated a little more to find more photos on Twitter.

I need Dustin Johnson to win a Major soon so I can get some ass-slapping on the 18th green.

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Marissa Miller at ESPYS

Despite Maria Sharapova goofing on model Marissa Miller‘s dress during the ESPYS Countdown show, we are declaring Miller an early winner of the annual ESPN award show.

Sharapova thought Miller was showing too much and we actually feel she wasn’t showing enough.

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Texas Rangers Fan Big Boobs

This isn’t one of those sarcastic, rhetorical post when the girl is just completely out-of-control out. At first glance, I thought this Texas Rangers fan [in the red, with giant cans] was super hot. I was actually going to write a whole article how she was the true MVP of the 2013 All-Star game.

Than I saw this GIF from @CorkGaines

All-Star Game Texas Boobs

The more this animation loops, the more her hotness goes away.

For your super creepy online stalking pleasure, below is a tweet from the girl in the blue tank.

Is she hot?

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Australian hurdler Michelle Jenneke is one of the greatest hurdlers in the world…to look at.  ZING! [round of applause from the over 40 audience members].  You probably still don’t remember Jenneke so watch this video of her bouncing up and down in slow-motion.

[5 minutes and a trip to the bathroom later]

Welcome back.

Jenneke was one of the most popular Track and Field stars of 2012 despite not even qualifying for the Summer Games in London.  She recently posted the picture above, on her Instagram account that you need to follow, in which she is sunbathing on a boat with her boobs on the cusp of breaking free.  Here is her caption.

Missing the Queensland sun already

Jenneke’s fame catapulted her to be featured in the 2013 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition.

michelle jenneke swimsuit edition

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Oops We Did It Again @sammaddox by @paulinagretzky

Paulina Gretzky has given us many photos through social media through the years. Now, with the added video feature of Instagram, Paulina has given more than we can handle.

Gretzky created her first video with friend @sammaddox dancing in their bras to Britney Spears’ Oops…I did it again.

The video is, obviously, pretty sexy but there is something about Gretzky’s face that looks, kind of, munchkin.  Right?  I don’t know if its because her hair is pulled back or the ears that look big or that tiny head of hers but there is something off.

I mean, I would still do her.  Again.

And that son-of-a-bitch Dustin Johnson who you know is sitting behind the camera with a giant rager in his pants.


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There is one reason I watch the College World Series, sexy co-eds. Every year we’ve been able to spot a few hot babes in the stands in Omaha cheering on their schools.

This year, one very large chested UCLA fan has captivated the internet community.  Her name is Lauralee McIntyre (@xoLauralee) and she is dating Bruins outfielder Eric Filia.  McIntyre first burst on to the scene during a semifinal matchup against UNC when the cameras caught why deep v-kneck shirts are a girl’s best friend.

During Game 2 of the Best of 3 final between UCLA and Mississippi State, the camera caught McIntyre in a pink deep v-kneck again but this time she was caught trying to act cool.

Watch as McIntyre is celebrating and smiling with another fan after UCLA scored a run until she sudden stops when she notices that camera is on her.  She immediately tries go serious/sexy/pouty and pulls her shirt down lower as if we were having trouble seeing her juggs.  She even slightly turns her body towards the camera.

Hot girl with attention issues, sounds like a dream.

UCLA girl boobs