New Rob Gronkowski And Bibi Jones Picture Surfaces

New Rob Gronkowski And Bibi Jones Picture Surfaces

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You may remember the name Bibi Jones. She is the former porn star who took this scandoulous photos with New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski last year when Gronk’s fame was to starting to skyrocket. ┬áThese two photos got Gronk into a lot of trouble with the Patriots organization.

Rob Gronkowski shirtless with Porn Star
Porn Star Bibi Jones Wearing Jersey of Rob Gronkowski

Jones spent most of last season riding the fame of these Gronkowski pictures constantly wishing him good luck with new poses, my favorite was her Super Bowl good luck wish.  During the spring, Jones retired from the porn industry and started going by her real name, Britney Maclin.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Maclin is looking to make a comeback because she tweeted out a previously unreleased photo of she and Gronkowski from that infamous photo shoot a year ago.

New Gronkowski and Bibi Jones Photo Surfaces

After the picture was posted, Jones tweeted a message taking credit for Gronk’s struggles during the end of their lose to the Arizona Cardinals.

If that’s what it takes to get Gronkowski to play better, I’m sure all of New England would support a reuniting.

Jones later claimed that someone she was partying with took her phone so they could post this picture, so who knows what is going on but it makes you wonder if there are any more photos [or videos] that have yet to be seen

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