Baltimore Ravens Cheerleader Who Was Barred From Super Bowl Is Delusional


One of the biggest stories off the field during Super Bowl [that doesn’t involved deer antlers] is the controversy involving Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz.  Lenz is one of the 60 members of the Ravens cheerleading squad and despite being one of the most tenured members she was omitted from the 32 spot Super Bowl roster.

Lenz has gone on the attack claiming that the Ravens left her off of the team because she was suspended twice this season for weight gain between 1.6 to 1.8 pounds.

Good Morning America did a piece on the story.

Who knows why the Ravens didn’t select Lenz to the Super Bowl team but one thing for sure is that there is NO WAY that Lenz only gained 1.6 – 1.8 pounds throughout this season.

Look at the pictures.

Courtney Lenz - Weight Gain

On the left, Lenz during tryouts in March of 2012. On the right, Lenz on the field in October 2012 during Week 6.

Courtney Lenz Weight
On the left, Lenz in April 2012.  On the right, November 2012.

Baltimore Ravens cheerleader Courtney Lenz

On the left, April 2012. On the right, January 2013.

The Ravens have not commented on the actual numbers involving Lenz weight gain but I would guess that it was at least 10 pounds from the tryouts till now.  Lenz is still an attractive girl and I know it seems cruel that Lenz was potentially kept off the team for gaining weight, but that is the requirements to be a cheerleader.  Look at the flip side, if she made the team someone else would be off it.  That someone may have busted their ass all year to stay in shape and perform well and just because you’ve been on the team 5 years doesn’t mean you should automatically go.

By the way, Lenz is retiring at the end of the season and maybe they wanted to give the spot to someone who will be with the team next year.  Just a thought.

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