Our Paulina Gretzky Obsession Has Finally Paid Off!

Our Paulina Gretzky Obsession Has Finally Paid Off!

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We’ve been tracking Paulina Gretzky, daughter of hockey legend Wayne Gretzky, for so long that we’ve become the authority on all things bikini/twitter/Instagram/breast related for the blond bombshell.  But it was even shocking to us that when the LA Times’ Ministry of Gossip writer Christie D’Zurilla talked about her most recent bikini shot [below], taken on the set of Grown-Ups 2, that they referenced our great photo gallery of twitter pics that Gretzky had posted before she was forced to shutdown her Twitter account over a year ago at the request of her dad.  The “shutdown” lasted about 3 days.

Paulina Gretzky In A Bikini On The Set Of Grown-Ups 2

The traffic from the LA Times and subsequent relinks from TV and radio stations had shutdown our server 3 times in the past 12 hours.

Gretzky was recently at Fenway Park in Boston hanging around some of the cast from Grown-Ups 2 with her friend and model Kimberly Howe (pictured, left).  Howe looked pretty cozy with married actor Peter Dante.

sidenote: Was there a clamoring for Grown-Ups 2?  I mean, I know the first one set a new comedy benchmark but with this sequel being made, I can hold my breath for Hogs Wild 2!

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