Lingerie Football League Has The Best Opening In The History Of Sports


Lingerie Football League Opening Music Video

Just 1:08 of slow-motion, lingerie wearing bliss.

This is the brand new opening video for the Lingerie Football League feature the band Drenalin and their song The Chosen (this is kind of what we wished Faith Hill dressed like in the NBC Sunday Night opening).  The LFL is airing on MTV2 and consist of 4 Canadian teams for this season only (my favorite is the Saskatoon Sirens).  If you remember the LFL suspended its 2012 season choosing to move it schedule to the spring/summer as to not compete with NFL/College Football season.  Everyone was on board except those crazy Canadians, who decided to have their own 8-game season.

Hey LFL video editors, next time show less of the band and MORE SLO-MO!

Source: [OffTheBench]

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