Is Kim Zolciak “So Damn Sexy” In A Body Painted Jersey?

Is Kim Zolciak “So Damn Sexy” In A Body Painted Jersey?

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Ok, so I’ll admit I’ve watched some of Bravo’s Real Housewives shows.  Mostly the New Jersey one because I like watching people fight over “respect” and “family” over and over…and over…and over again.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see the pictures of Kim Zolciak, who is a cast member on Real Housewives on Atlanta, doing a body paint photo shoot for her new husband Kroy Biermann, a defensive end for the Atlanta Falcons.

LIFE LESSON ALERT: Silence is golden.

When I saw these pictures, I was like – cool – a big breasted, blond chick taking some sexy photos.  Honestly, if I just saw the pictures (gallery below) I would’ve just left it as that.

Than I watched the video below and heard Kim talk about how things were “hard” before the photoshoot and she said, “this photo shoot is the last I have on my mind. But, I’m so damn sexy, fuck it! I just say ‘cheeeeeese.’”

LIFE LESSON ALERT: If you are not ridiculously sexy, and I mean like a freaking 10, don’t proclaim yourself sexy or you are just asking for people to pick out your flaws.


Kim Zolciak without makeup



Jack Kasaback
Jack Kasaback

man, i've seen better titties in national geographic. droopy. but thanks, you never turn down a chance to see fresh ones.