Is This The Former Michigan Cheerleader Who Now Works At The Bunny...

Is This The Former Michigan Cheerleader Who Now Works At The Bunny Ranch?

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Krissy Summers Michigan Cheerleader

A couple of days ago, we started to get a lot of traffic on a post that was over a year old from January 2012 that was highlighting some of the hotter cheerleaders from the University of Michigan during the 2012 Sugar Bowl.  The comments and links started to follow making mention that of one of the cheerleaders is the newest “selection” at the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch in Nevada.

Here is what we know.  The girl on the right was filmed with porn legend Ron Jeremy and Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof by TMZ cameras discussing Jeremy’s recovery from a heart aneurism.  Watch it below.

Jeremy made reference to the blond being a former Michigan cheerleader and after a little more research we found out that she goes by the name of Krissy Summers (which is probably fake).  The girls look very similar.  At the very least they both have enormous foreheads.

Is it possible that her fame from Ride The Pine propelled her to prostitution?  Can we pick’em or what?

I wonder if she charges double for someone from Ohio?


Went to high school with her. She wasn't a cheerleader.


She is not a former cheerleader, she used to sell auto insurance at a call center in GR. My bUddy worked with her.

Landon Proctor
Landon Proctor

Look at her pictures on bunnyranch site. She is VERY HOT!!!! She was just having a bad hair day that day I think but very pretty girl and nice figure too!

The blond in the video with Dennis Hof and Ron Jeremy is definitely a former Michigan Wolverines cheerleader. We were just trying to figure out if it was the same girl we featured during a bowl game the previous year.