Hannah Storm Is Still Killing It


Hannah Storm NFL Countdown

We just want to take some time this Sunday morning to recognize ESPN’s Hannah Storm for still looking fantastic at the age of 51.  Storm has not only overcome the normal obstacles with age but she also survived being burnt by an exploding gas grill and the mental oggling of Tony Kornheiser.

Hell, our readers think that Storm looks better than the younger Sara Walsh (who is one of the most searched names on Ride The Pine).

Storm is in fantastic shape but the thing that does it for me is that she constantly gives that “I’m thinking about sexing you right now” look.

Bob Ley better watch out because he is about to get mounted.

Hannah Storm sexy

Alex Balcerski is the owner of RideThePine.com and a former radio talk show host for CBS Radio. His work has been featured on SportsIllustrated.com, Fox Sports, MSN, and the Los Angeles Times.