Erin Andrews Is Hitting Her Hotness Prime Right Before Fox Sports College Football Debut


Erin Andrews, Joey Harrington, and Eddie George - Fox's College Football Pre-Game Host

The Lady in Red…is Dancing with me! (feel free to hit the play button below at anytime for extreme cheesiness)

Fox Sports is just a few weeks away from embarking on its College Football schedule featuring its new pregame show with Joey Harrington, Eddie George, and Erin Andrews.  The timing couldn’t be better for the viewing audience as Andrews seems to be hitting her hotness prime.

Andrews posted this picture of the new Fox team on her Google+ page, the first of the threesome together.  We look forward to what this trio has to offer and as long as Harrington or George don’t block our view of Andrews, they’re cool by us.

If you want more Erin Andrews, check out these pictures of her rocking a bikini on the beach.

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