How Women Change Men: Bill Belichick Edition

How Women Change Men: Bill Belichick Edition

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If you’re a dude and ever spent time in a long relationship, you may or may not realize it, but you changed.  Clothes, hair, friends, job, and activities are all up for grabs when you are in a relationship.  Shit, you can change before a relationship even exists.  I once (which has since become legendary among my friends) put on a sweater in anticipation of a girl stopping by my dorm room in college.  New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick is no different.  I like to break these changes into three stages; impress, resist, accept.

Stage 1: Impress

Let’s take a look at Belichick when he first started dating his girlfriend, Linda Holliday, back in 2008 at a Boston Celtics game.  He is officially in the impress stage, wearing a nice button down and not trying to impress too hard but definitely putting out his best effort.  Hair is looking well maintained, sleeves rolled-up and more importantly buttoned-up giving off the impression that he cares about looking good.

Stage 2: Resist

Belichick is in full rebellion in 2011.  Wearing his tradition Patriots game day attire with cutoff sleeves and rocking a visor at a Boston Bruins playoff game.  This is Belichick letting his women know, that “I don’t change for anyone.”

Bill Belichick and Girlfriend at Boston Bruins

Stage 2: Accept

Does this need to be explained…Sitting courtside for Game 4 of the Boston Celtics/Miami Heat Eastern Conference Finals in 2012.

Bill Belichick with Linda Holliday at Boston Celtics Game 4


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